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The new Mercury Software is an independent development company adept in designing and implementing

  • PC (microcomputer) commercial packages,
  • mission-critical corporate distributed applications,
  • web-based e-commerce, and
  • embedded systems and drivers.

Mercury Software also licenses source code for various communications protocols and other components. These have been field-proven and ported to a wide variety of diverse environments.

Whether you have an immediate need or would simply like to get acquainted before the next crunch occurs, we would like to hear from you. Call our Sales Department at (770) 565-5851 or e-mail us at We will review your software needs with you and explain how Mercury Software can make a positive impact on your next development effort.


We are not consultants.

We are dedicated to quality (unlike over-funded and under-managed, here today, gone tomorrow consulting companies of the Internet craze).

Projects are staffed and managed in our facility, and we stand by our work after it’s completed and delivered with comprehensive service warranties.

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